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Kevin Underwood.

I've been really into the case of Kevin Underwood, the 26-year-old man imprisoned for murdering, raping and trying to eat a 10-year-old girl. It happened two weeks ago, more or less, in Purcell, Oklahoma.
The media have labeled him as "The blogger murderer", as long as he kept a blog since 2002. The last thread on the blog was written while the little girl was supposed to be already dead on Kevin's closet.
Altought many news pages have posted the link to Kevin's blog, blogspot has not deleted this one, and right now we can see many exalted people blaming Kevin on his site.
I found that very interesting: while on other psychokillers and killers stories we had to wait for especialists to explain what they had found out the clues, in this case we can read the last four years' thoughts of the murderer, and see the evolution which led him to that end.

More info about Kevin Underwood's case:

Kevin's blog:

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