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New around here

I stumbled on this bit of cyber space while doing some research on "Rosemary West". It would seem a right fit for a lurker as myself. My obession is Ted Bundy ( yes a tash cliche but I don't care, I wear my heart on my sleeve for that man). For starters I will give a breif introduction, I am young female aspiring for a Degree in Psychology. A deep love that was handed down to me from my mother who used to play "Victemology" with since the day I could babble.
Any who, heres one of my favorite quotes from www.crimelibrary.com

"After a while a large group of SS officers arrived on motorcycles, Mengele among them. They drove into the yard and got off their motorcycles. Upon arriving they circled the flames; it (sic) burned horizontally. We watched to see what would follow. After a while trucks arrived, dump trucks, with children inside. There were about ten of these trucks. After they had entered the yard an officer gave an order and the trucks backed up to the fire and they started throwing those children right into the fire, into the pit. The children started to scream; some of them managed to crawl out of the burning pit. An officer walked around it with sticks and pushed back those who managed to get out. Hoess (the Auschwitz commandant) and Mengele were present and were giving orders."
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