The Butterfly Doctor (lepidoctor) wrote in whitechapelclub,
The Butterfly Doctor

Black Zodiac: First Born Son (2/2)

First Born Son

Name: Seth Sommers
Gender: Male
Primary M.O.: Blunt force trauma
Secondary M. O.: Live burial, Fall from elevation, Asphyxia - smothering
Status: Alive

(First Born Son 2)
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Evil little bastard! I actually like this more than the other story, it feels a little more complete. Would I be correct in guessing that the guy in the leather coat will appear in some of the other stories! ;)

This struck me, odd little thing - Norwegian Blue, Burmie and Penne a la Arrabiata, would you happen to be a bit of a fan of British comedy! O.O
PS. The next Zodiac is almost done. It is VERY long (maybe 6 chapters) but it is a Hell of ride. Stay tuned!
Fuck yes I am. Python, Fry and Laurie, Eddie Izzard. I put them in just as a kind of in-joke to myself and also other fans of British comedy.

You're right - the guy in the leather coat (and Seth) will be appearing again soon! The next Zodiac, in fact. Some of them are interlinked. No man is an island, etc. Penne a la arrabiata (with peas, of course) appears often as Seth's favourite food.

And yeah, I agree - I had more of a "feel" for Seth (he is quite literally my First Born Son). Johnny is so pathetic even I'd kick him.
Haha, Norwegian Blue I could take as a coincidence, it was Burmie that gave it away ;)

I'm intrigued by the guy in the leather coat, I have a feeling he's going to be interesting :)
Be prepared - things are about to get gruesome. ; )