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B. T. K.

Did anyone catch the Documentary on TLC i think it was... regarding the BTK killer? Pretty interesting. Just proves that any joe schmoe cub scout could be a serial killer...

TLC Presents a Portrait of a Serial Killer With BTK: KILLER NEXT DOOR?
SILVER SPRING, Md., Mar. 10 /PRNewswire/ --

SILVER SPRING, Md., March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Bind. Torture. Kill. This was the method used by the BTK killer that became his calling card to police and the media. Over the past several weeks, many shocking facts have come to light about this mysterious serial killer. Was he desperate to be caught? Did he think he was smarter than everyone else? Was he leading a double life? Is a "solid citizen" really a monster? BTK: KILLER NEXT DOOR? reveals more about the man accused of 10 murders over the past 30 years and the case against him.

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Premiering Monday, March 14 at 9 PM (ET/PT) on TLC, BTK: KILLER NEXT DOOR? travels to Wichita, Kan. and into a community once gripped by fear. Neighbors, friends and family of the accused killer relive the terror and share their reactions as they learned he may be one of their own.

Married with two children, a Cub Scout troop leader, president of the congregation at his local church and regularly employed, Dennis Rader, the alleged BTK serial killer, has been hiding in plain sight in a suburb of Wichita for three decades. According to police, he is an insatiable killer, now charged with the torture and murder of at least 10 people.

BTK: KILLER NEXT DOOR? follows the BTK story from the first killing in 1974 to the recent arrest. The one-hour special features interviews with the police who have worked on the case for years, the church parishioners who worshipped beside him, the only known survivor of a BTK attack, the reporters who tracked the story, and the co-workers who are shocked by the arrest.

Even though BTK dropped in and out of the headlines, Wichita never forgot him. Especially not the people most connected to the case: the police, media and family members of the victims. At the start of 2004, Wichita's local newspaper ran an anniversary article about the notorious serial killer. It had been 30 years since the first victim was discovered, 25 since the killer's last communication. After the article ran, the newspaper received an envelope containing photographs of an unsolved murder case believed to have been committed by BTK. Communication resumed. In 2004, there were 11 communications from BTK to police and media regarding the murders and various clues surrounding them. It was this undying lust for publicity and recognition that may ultimately prove to be his undoing.

To learn more about the BTK program on TLC, go to BTK: KILLER NEXT DOOR? is produced for TLC by NBC News Productions. The executive producer for TLC is Kathy Davidov and the executive producer for NBC News is Carol Williams.

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