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Black Zodiac: Withered Lover! [05 Mar 2010|05:56am]

I finally finished this one. So damn bloody long. Got out of hand and ended up being around 12,000 words. But all good stuff, I promise you.

Warning: Contains a previously known evil child, serial killers watching Silence of the Lambs, vivisection/ human biology practical lesson, cannibalism (or filet mignon with dubious origins), implied dismemberment, peanutbutterjelly human abuse with a baseball bat, and a tragic end.

Withered Lover

Name: Amon Autruch
Gender: Male
M.O.: Vivisection
Status: Institutionalized

(Withered Lover 1)

(Withered Lover 2)

(Withered Lover 3)

(Withered Lover 4)

(Withered Lover 5)

(Withered Lover 6)

(Withered Lover 7)
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Black Zodiac: First Born Son (2/2) [25 Feb 2010|11:01am]


First Born Son

Name: Seth Sommers
Gender: Male
Primary M.O.: Blunt force trauma
Secondary M. O.: Live burial, Fall from elevation, Asphyxia - smothering
Status: Alive

(First Born Son 2)
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Black Zodiac: First Born Son (1/2) [25 Feb 2010|10:53am]


First Born Son

Name: Seth Sommers
Gender: Male
Primary M.O.: Blunt force trauma
Secondary M. O.: Live burial, Fall from elevation, Asphyxia - smothering
Status: Alive

First Born Son 1)
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Torn Prince [24 Feb 2010|02:23pm]

I watched this movie called 13 Ghosts the other day, and in it there is an Arcanum, a book written by a man called Basilius, who was possessed by the Devil when he wrote it. He describes in it how to open the Ocularis Infernum (Eye of Hell) in the Arcanum. To do it, you need 13 spirits of various descriptions - the First Born Son, the Torso, the Bound Woman, the Withered Lover, the Broken Heart, the Torn Prince, the Angry Princess, the Pilgrimess, the Dire Child and Great Mother, the Hammer, the Jackal, and the Juggernaut. In the movie the ghosts have their own backstories, which you can find here and here. Why the Hell would someone want to open the Eye of Hell, you ask? To see the future, of course.

After watching it I was trying to sleep, thinking what a wonderful concept this Black Zodiac was, and I thought, why not write another series, but instead of ghosts, why not serial killers? And then I started to get ideas. Loads of ideas. To date I've got ideas and concepts for almost all the zodiac besides the Broken Heart and the Hammer.

So far I have the Torn Prince and First Born Son. Here is the Torn Prince, for the time being. The First Born Son will soon follow.

(PS. Shouldn't I put this behind an LJ cut? It's quite long. I know the rules say no.)

Torn Prince

Name: Johnny/Jack B. Goode
Gender: Male
M.O.: Torture, Evisceration
Status: Institutionalized

Psychiatrist's Notes:

2/8/06, 2pm. St. Uphir's Institute of Mental Health.
Patient reports that "Jack" still communicating with him. Angrily asked nurse to remove mirror in his room. Insisted staff "get him out of here". Recent history: Nurse reported patient smashing mirror belonging to her. While in day room, patient grabbed mirror from nurse, hurled it across the room. Rushed out of day room cursing. When questioned, stated "he was laughing at me." Personal history: childhood physical and mental abuse. Mother left at early age. Father only caregiver, killed when patient was 14, police suspect during burglary of the house. Placed in foster care, left aged 18. Mental Status Exam: alert & oriented x3. Generally agitated throughout session. Hesitant speech. A/V hallucinations, delusions, paranoia persisting. Thought process disorganized. Axis I: schizophrenia. Increase chlorpromazine dosage, refer to Dr. Delbruck for medication evaluation. Next session, 2/15/06 at 3pm - explore mirror incident further. Staff to remove mirrors in vicinity of patient. A. B. Normal, M.D. 

(Torn Prince)
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Psychological Profile: God [23 Feb 2010|05:39am]

I'm a psychology student, and an amateur profiler.  I learn about criminal profiling during my readings. Criminal Minds is pretty eye-opening as well. As a joke, I wrote up one for the Judeo-Christian God.

This is a JOKE, for those people who have no sense of humour, so don't start accusing me of I hating God. I would... if he existed.

God can be considered to be a disorganized killer. There is much evidence of overkill (great floods, fires, earthquakes, etc), signifying rage and frustration. There is no pattern to these events as well, usually because disorganized killers are guided by delusion. They also don't try to hide what they do (quite the opposite - God has very noticeable M.O.s). Usually disorganized killers have poor interpersonal skills and their extreme psychosis causes them to be solitary (cough).

God, especially the Old Testament God, was a pretty vengeful god. Aggressive behavior. The violent outbursts might indicate great, personal emotional conflicts, making him prone to rage. While smiting, he is in control - suggesting may be powerless elsewhere. He also claims credit for what he's done even when he wounds intentionally - sadistic tendencies. Destructive on one hand, and offering salvation with the other  - this gives his a sense of power, too. His theatrics (flooding an entire world, famine, plagues of locusts, killing all the first born sons, etc) suggest the need for recognition. The attacks happen on a grand scale, and are very prominent - he's arrogant. The need for recognition would suggest low self-esteem, the feeling of being underappreciated - he may be killing to reclaim power, and overkill hides his insecurity. Overcompensating for his lack of power, he craves control, stability, and security. It comes from his desire to prove his strength, to prove he's not weak. His lack of sophistication (SMITE SMITE SMITE) also shows a lack of maturity.

God also set alight Sodom and Gomorrah to punish the wicked (
brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven). Some of his actions fit the arsonist profile. Arsonists derive pleasure from setting fires, deriving either sexual gratification or a sense of power from it. And since God is omnipresent, he probably watched - most arsonists will stay to watch because they thrive on the fear and panic they create, as it gives them the sense of having power over life and death. Usually motives for arson are profit, revenge or vandalism - in this case, God didn't like all the sin that was going on (revenge). Arsonists are usually socially incompetent, lacking in self-confidence, and has trouble with the opposite sex (makes a lady pregnant without even taking her out to dinner counts).

God also has a narcissistic personality. He had an ENTIRE BOOK written about him and his exploits. I rest my case.

I would also suggest assessing God for borderline personality disorder. He thinks all relationships revolve around him. When he decides on things, it's absolute. Anyone in a relationship with him would be the subservient one. Visible manifestations include intense bouts of anger and sensitivity to rejection.

God fits the cult leader profile. Usually they are charismatic leaders who appear strange or weird to others, and are older than the rest of the cult. They are intelligent, sociopathic and manipulative, able to mimic honesty and sincerity to convince their members. Cults also create their own language - they have their own vocabulary which separates members from outsiders clearly - a form of thought control.

God's relationship with his cult members are that of the dominant and submissive. The dominant one is the one instigating and planning, usually the one taking lives, and in turn makes the submissive feel powerful through him. In turn, the submissive(s) gladly do the dominant's bidding. The submissive(s) may be unwilling, but require the dominant for power or guidance or fear punishment, so they must obey.

God gets compliance without force by two means - 1) the threat of force ("Behave otherwise I'll send you to Hell to burn for an eternity etc") OR 2) previously established trust, using a ruse ("Behave and I'll send you to heaven, which is full of peace and love and honey and bunnies because I Love You"). However, sadists can't feel love, so this is definitely a lie. When he does use force, it would be because the person "committed a sin and deserved it" - deflecting blame and culpability onto his victims.

God's killings don't have a sexual component. This can indicate two things - either God has prepubescent mental development, or his victims are immediate relatives. And aren't we all God's children?

Thus, I can conclude that God is the most prolific serial killer of all time, and predict he will escalate - more attacks on an even bigger scale. Judging by the news, he's doing just that.

A. B. Normal, M. D.
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Edgar Edwards aka Mr. Fox [29 Sep 2006|06:05pm]

[ mood | busy ]

In late 1902,  the Darby family disappeared from their family grocery in Camberwell.  They had been trying to sell it, but had not been able to do so brfore their disappearance on Dec. 1st. On Dec 23rd, a grocer named Garland went to see a man in Leyton calling himself Fox, who expressed an interest in buying his shop. Before long Mr. Fox attacked Mr. Garland with a sash weight. Mr. Garland managed to break a window and summon help. Police searching Mr. Fox's house found William Darby's stationery. They dug up Mr. Fox's garden and found William along with his wife and baby. He had killed all three with his sash weight. He then carted the three of them and their furniture back to Leyton.  His real name was Edgar Edwards, and he had only recently been released from prison. Insanity ran in his family. His lawyers tried to use this byt Edwards refused to plead. He laughed when his death sentence was read. His last words to the chaplin were "I've been looking forward to this alot."

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New around here [21 Sep 2006|04:38pm]

I stumbled on this bit of cyber space while doing some research on "Rosemary West". It would seem a right fit for a lurker as myself. My obession is Ted Bundy ( yes a tash cliche but I don't care, I wear my heart on my sleeve for that man). For starters I will give a breif introduction, I am young female aspiring for a Degree in Psychology. A deep love that was handed down to me from my mother who used to play "Victemology" with since the day I could babble.
Any who, heres one of my favorite quotes from www.crimelibrary.com

"After a while a large group of SS officers arrived on motorcycles, Mengele among them. They drove into the yard and got off their motorcycles. Upon arriving they circled the flames; it (sic) burned horizontally. We watched to see what would follow. After a while trucks arrived, dump trucks, with children inside. There were about ten of these trucks. After they had entered the yard an officer gave an order and the trucks backed up to the fire and they started throwing those children right into the fire, into the pit. The children started to scream; some of them managed to crawl out of the burning pit. An officer walked around it with sticks and pushed back those who managed to get out. Hoess (the Auschwitz commandant) and Mengele were present and were giving orders."
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[06 Sep 2006|02:09pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I am new to the community and I'm looking for some help.
I have written a play based on the Whitechapel Murders and I would love to get some insight from people who are interested in the events and the era in general.
The dialogue was difficult to write and when it had it's first reading (just a 20 minute of the 70 minute total) some people expressed concern that some of the language/ slang was too modern. I really want the lines to fit the mood of the piece and keep it proper.
The play is pseudo- historical (I have kept and discarded facts that work with the plot and condensed the events of four months into a "one moment in time" situation.
If anyone would like to read through the script and offer advice please contact me at gowestjack AT gmail dot com and introduce yourself.
Thank you.

x- posted

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Adolph Luetgert [01 Sep 2006|06:27pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Luetgert lived in Chicago with his wife, Louise. However the 250 pound man was such a ladies man he had a bed in his sausage factory. In May of 1897 his brother in law went to the police to report his sister missing.  The police were suspicious because Luetgert had raised quite a commotion a while back when his dog disappeared, so they searched his sausage factory. Sure enough, they found human bone fragments and Louise's wedding ring in one of the vats. Chicago citizens were fearful of their sausage. Louise was believed to be part of it. Circumstantial evidence led to him being imprisoned for life.

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New member [24 Aug 2006|10:10am]

[ mood | Creeped Out ]

Hi folks
I just found this community. I've been fascinated by true crime as long as I can remember. I don't know what cases you've posted about, but i have several books on the subject and every so often I'm going to throw out a name you may or may not have heard of. Just someone or several someones you can look into if you're interested.
First I'll start with Dr. Hermann Webster Mudgett. AKA H.H. Holmes. He built a hotel during the World Exposition in Chicago 1894. He built in secret rooms to use for dismembering the bodies of guests, almost always young women.He also murdered the family of his swindling partner , Benjamin Pitzel.
Holmes admitted to 20 to 27 murders, but official estimates range from 40 to 100.
Keep your doors locked.

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Ja? Nein? [15 Aug 2006|05:58pm]
[ mood | curious ]

So who here believes that Walter Sickert was Jack the Ripper?

P.S: Let me know if this isn't allowed as nothing mentioned on the rules. I started a new community called carnagecapture and I'm looking for members. It is community is for people interested in learning and understanding more about people who kill others and people who kill themselves. The main focus of this community is around the scene of the crime, or "crime scene", itself - Expect explicit photos and descriptions. Please do not join this community expecting sugar, spice and everything nice because you'll quickly find out it's not what little girls are made of.

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The latest headlines in sordid behavior!!! [25 Apr 2006|11:36am]

"PervScan.com is a compendium of the latest headlines in sordid behavior. It is an index to the strange obsessions, sexual outrages, and deviant doings that can be found in the news.
PervScan has been online since May 2003. "

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Kevin Underwood. [25 Apr 2006|10:16am]

I've been really into the case of Kevin Underwood, the 26-year-old man imprisoned for murdering, raping and trying to eat a 10-year-old girl. It happened two weeks ago, more or less, in Purcell, Oklahoma.
The media have labeled him as "The blogger murderer", as long as he kept a blog since 2002. The last thread on the blog was written while the little girl was supposed to be already dead on Kevin's closet.
Altought many news pages have posted the link to Kevin's blog, blogspot has not deleted this one, and right now we can see many exalted people blaming Kevin on his site.
I found that very interesting: while on other psychokillers and killers stories we had to wait for especialists to explain what they had found out the clues, in this case we can read the last four years' thoughts of the murderer, and see the evolution which led him to that end.

More info about Kevin Underwood's case: http://www.cnn.com/2006/LAW/04/16/underwood.ap/index.html

Kevin's blog: http://futureworldruler.blogspot.com/

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[01 Nov 2005|12:24pm]

crime & detective magazine covers, featuring some mid 70's serial killers, sex crimes and detectives fornicating with scantily clothed blondes.
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BTK info [01 Jul 2005|10:20am]

Interesting info updated on the BTK nut.

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B. T. K. [16 Mar 2005|01:15pm]

Did anyone catch the Documentary on TLC i think it was... regarding the BTK killer? Pretty interesting. Just proves that any joe schmoe cub scout could be a serial killer...

TLC Presents a Portrait of a Serial Killer With BTK: KILLER NEXT DOOR?
SILVER SPRING, Md., Mar. 10 /PRNewswire/ --

SILVER SPRING, Md., March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Bind. Torture. Kill. This was the method used by the BTK killer that became his calling card to police and the media. Over the past several weeks, many shocking facts have come to light about this mysterious serial killer. Was he desperate to be caught? Did he think he was smarter than everyone else? Was he leading a double life? Is a "solid citizen" really a monster? BTK: KILLER NEXT DOOR? reveals more about the man accused of 10 murders over the past 30 years and the case against him.

(Logo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20030530/TLCLOGO )

Premiering Monday, March 14 at 9 PM (ET/PT) on TLC, BTK: KILLER NEXT DOOR? travels to Wichita, Kan. and into a community once gripped by fear. Neighbors, friends and family of the accused killer relive the terror and share their reactions as they learned he may be one of their own.

Married with two children, a Cub Scout troop leader, president of the congregation at his local church and regularly employed, Dennis Rader, the alleged BTK serial killer, has been hiding in plain sight in a suburb of Wichita for three decades. According to police, he is an insatiable killer, now charged with the torture and murder of at least 10 people.

BTK: KILLER NEXT DOOR? follows the BTK story from the first killing in 1974 to the recent arrest. The one-hour special features interviews with the police who have worked on the case for years, the church parishioners who worshipped beside him, the only known survivor of a BTK attack, the reporters who tracked the story, and the co-workers who are shocked by the arrest.

Even though BTK dropped in and out of the headlines, Wichita never forgot him. Especially not the people most connected to the case: the police, media and family members of the victims. At the start of 2004, Wichita's local newspaper ran an anniversary article about the notorious serial killer. It had been 30 years since the first victim was discovered, 25 since the killer's last communication. After the article ran, the newspaper received an envelope containing photographs of an unsolved murder case believed to have been committed by BTK. Communication resumed. In 2004, there were 11 communications from BTK to police and media regarding the murders and various clues surrounding them. It was this undying lust for publicity and recognition that may ultimately prove to be his undoing.

To learn more about the BTK program on TLC, go to http://www.tlc.com/. BTK: KILLER NEXT DOOR? is produced for TLC by NBC News Productions. The executive producer for TLC is Kathy Davidov and the executive producer for NBC News is Carol Williams.

Photo: NewsCom: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20030530/TLCLOGO

Web site: http://www.tlc.com/
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[16 Mar 2005|03:37pm]

Since this community is almost dead, I'm going to spruce it up! Ever hear of Sawney Beane, one of Scotland's serial killers? First cannibalistic one, I believe! LOOK HIM UP!
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Well, Well [18 Nov 2004|02:39pm]


It's brains on the sidewalk! Somebody sent this to me, Apparently it comes from rotten.com.

Wonder if it was a murder though or just a freak accident.

Aw, hell, Come see the brains!

Come on!Collapse )
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Saying hello through the gates of the looney bin [03 Nov 2004|09:05pm]

I always did find children who murder quite fascinating. I don't like Mondays... what a reason to open fire.

Glad to see I'm not the only one out there. Cheers!
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