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Edgar Edwards aka Mr. Fox

In late 1902,  the Darby family disappeared from their family grocery in Camberwell.  They had been trying to sell it, but had not been able to do so brfore their disappearance on Dec. 1st. On Dec 23rd, a grocer named Garland went to see a man in Leyton calling himself Fox, who expressed an interest in buying his shop. Before long Mr. Fox attacked Mr. Garland with a sash weight. Mr. Garland managed to break a window and summon help. Police searching Mr. Fox's house found William Darby's stationery. They dug up Mr. Fox's garden and found William along with his wife and baby. He had killed all three with his sash weight. He then carted the three of them and their furniture back to Leyton.  His real name was Edgar Edwards, and he had only recently been released from prison. Insanity ran in his family. His lawyers tried to use this byt Edwards refused to plead. He laughed when his death sentence was read. His last words to the chaplin were "I've been looking forward to this alot."
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