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The Whitechapel Club

Hunting Grounds

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Chicago:1889 - The Whitechapel Club, named for the London slum in which Jack the Ripper demonstrated his handiwork. The clubs president held the official title of the Ripper; its members were mainly journalists, who brought to the club's meetings stories of murder harvested from the city's streets, The weapons on the walls of the club's house had been used in actual homicides and were provided by Chicago, policemen; the skulls by an alienist at a nearby lunatic asylum.

The whitechapelclub is a gathering ground for people with a fascination for serial killers, violent crime, crimes against humanity, and genocide. Any posts are welcome as long as they stick to this general theme. Feel free to post: pictures, books, theories, news stories, personal experiences, discussion of movies.. etc. Nothing will be censored or deleted as long as it follows the theme. Consider that a warning when joining the community as well. If you're easily offended or disgusted then leave.


Due to content, you must be 18 or over to join.
If you join and you're not, you're banned.


1. Large images and long text must be behind an LJ Cut or the post will be deleted.
Click here to learn how to do so.

2. No whining, bitching or complaining about the content of posts or comments about posts. Feel free to be as tasteless as you'd like. If you don't like this rule... Leave!

3. Posts that do not follow the theme of the community will be deleted.

4. No spam. (bullshit threat because we're to lazy to delete a post)

5. No online quizzes, memes or anything of the like. (see rule 4)
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